Who is Rob?

I am a trusted mergers & acquisitions advisor to middle market companies. I can guide you through the merger & acquisition process. But first - I invite you to click on my story.

Then, let’s have a conversation about you, your journey and your legacy.

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About My Partner Firm - Vercor


Vercor, a leading middle market mergers & acquisitions advisory firm, serves business owners who have EBITDA of $2 million or greater and are looking to sell all or part of their business or who are seeking a private equity recapitalization.

Our team manages and negotiates the entire M&A process, to maximize the end result of a transaction, guided by a deep understanding of the business owner’s legacy and purpose.

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What’s my Business Worth?

Understanding your business’ market value and market viability — especially in preparing for business transition — is an imperative for owners.

Vercor mergers and acquisitions advisors determine business value for a full range of companies on a regular basis. Collectively, Vercor advisors have owned more than 20 businesses, and have facilitated more than $1 billion in business transactions.

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Ready for a safe conversation?

We look forward to a conversation to get to know each other:

• Steps in your journey - your desire to sell

• Your legacy and purpose - preparations for the next steps in your life

• Vercor’s people, processes and expertise

If you find the conversation valuable and would like to explore a relationship with Rob, the next step would be to initiate a no cost, no obligation Market Value Assessment.