What is my business worth?

Understanding your business’ market value and market viability – especially in preparing for business transition – is an imperative for owners.

While expertise in various business valuation methodologies is important, equally significant is information on current marketplace conditions, as well as on the price and terms of recent similar transactions.

For businesses with greater than $2 million in EBITDA, we would be happy to provide gratis market valuation and market feedback on your business, using our proprietary Market Value Assessment (MVA).

Ready for a safe conversation?

We would schedule a conversation that would cover:

• Steps in your journey - and your desire to sell.

• Your legacy and purpose - preparations for the next steps in your life.

• Vercor - our people, processes and expertise.

If you find the conversation valuable and would like to explore a relationship with Vercor, the next step would be to initiate our no cost, no obligation Market Value Assessment (MVA).

Once we present the results to you, we can discuss further decisions for 1) Moving forward with a Vercor proposal, 2) Staying in touch while you continue to build your business or 3) Wishing each other the best on our separate paths.

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